Don’t tell this to anyone

Many times I got conflicts in getting with some new people. But I were in a situation to be with them. Then I learnt some facts to get closer with new people very quickly. Yes. I will say about that here. 

The first thing I did is I made them feel like Im no more a stranger or third person to you. By making them feel like this we can make a comfort zone both for them and ourselves. The question may raise now, “how to make them feel like Im not a third person?”. Just by proving themselves that you are saying things to them which you ever didnt share with anyone. This act would make them feel like that they were something special for the speaker. 

And thus we breaked the third person barrier. Then, an important point is conversation and relationships is about giving and taking and not about only giving. In some cases they will start their part immediately after the third person stage breaked, but some won’t. In this case we can trigger them to get things from them, like when if you say, “I dont like watching movies at night” then two things will arise in their mind

1. Why don’t he like that? 

2. What would be my case there? 

First they will ask why you dont like and the conversation will move on by that stream or if it didnt move then for sure they will say what is their stand about watching movies at night. This is how a conversation develops. This will make them invlove in conversation by making them give information about them. When two way communication started then it is easy for take off. 

The important thing is you must make platform for them to perform. You must make them feel like a non- third person. In the initial stage of a new relationship you should not do things which they signed as they dont like. You must make them feel comfortable and homely to make them to be themselves. People love to be close to one who leave them to be without a face mask. 

And another important thing here. Don’t tell this to anyone. 


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