Human feelings past

You are selfish 

It would feel hard when getting scolded by the word selfish. We can’t accept that thing because our society portrayed that term as a sign of evil. Yes. We were made to believe that being selfish is a very bad character. 

Okay. Let’s go deeper about the word selfish. Thinking about themselves and doing things for their favor and not worrying about others is called as selfish. I think this would be the definition for the term selfish. If this is the definition and for sure we are all purely called as selfishes. 

Yes. I can say some examples to prove this thing. If a man takes care of his family in a extreme way by keeping them very happy and living for them. Yes, he is a selfish. He do these things because HE likes them the most and HE love them the most. Because of the fact that he likes his family he is doing all these things. 

Take a social leader as example. He is helping poor people without knowing about them. He even doesn’t know their faces but he helps them. This is too a selfish act. Here, HE loves to work for people and HE loves his passion the most, HE loves seeing smiles in the faces of poor people. 

The point is we will struggle and disgusted to do things which we won’t like. But if one is doing things very happily even for the sake of others then he likes doing that and so he is doing that in his own interest. 

Being selfish is not a negative thing. Humans all are made as selfish and these are one of our traits. But it gets wrong when your selfishness hits someone’s situation. Not worrying about others is not a bad thing to hear because it is our originality. But when this act affects our surroundings and others then it would be not a practicable act. Leting harm for others is different from not minding or caring others. 

If people find the difference between these things and when people find the word selfish is not a bad thing then it will happen. Yes, you are a selfish


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