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We don’t respect our creations

Most of the times we are doing things which shows that we are immature. A writer, an artist, a singer, an actor and even all human beings are creators here. We daily create things and we throw off most of our creations. If my article doesn’t satisfy myself then I won’t post it. We all do these type of things. If our creation is not satisfacting us then we are afraid of presenting that. Is it right? 

Okay. Let make it simple. An example will make us understand easier. I marry a girl and simultaneously my friend marries a girl. The two wives gave birth to our children simultaneously . It is acceptable that those are our creations. We gave birth and made those babies come earth. It’s our creation. Creation due to our act. 

 Within a few months I noticed that my kid, it is handicapped. But my friend’s kid is a super normal one. Practically and honestly speaking I won’t be satisfied of my kid. But that is not wrong. I am a human being and when my expectations fails I will do get down. So there is no wrong in the act of being disappointed and dissatisfaction. 

Then our kids grow up. Time to provide school studies for them. My friend sent his super normal kid to school. But I didn’t. I am not strong enough to send my handicap child to the outer world. Im not strong enough to display my creation which I consider as a failure to this world. And you all know this act is purely a wrong one. 

If you agree with this and we should also agree that we are doing those mistakes daily. The thing is we should respect and give recognition to the creations that we did. The most of the time we fail here. I brought this article to this world, she brought this song to this world, he brought this dish to this world. Bringing or giving a structure to our thoughts and creativity to this materialistic world is not a simple or an easy thing. 

But the sad thing is we oursleves are not believing in our creations. When we are not satisfied of it, then we are ready to threw it off or hiding it. Will we threw our own kid. It is a similar one. All of our doings are our creations. My friend said, ” I wrote exam very badly. Hardly I wrote irrelavant stories there”. And when our teacher distributed the paper he didn’t even had a look at it. He didnt respect his own creation. 

The bad concept we have in our mind is we create things and display those only when we believe that it would satisfy our audience. If we didnt respect our creations then how bad it is to expect others to do so? 

This type of act gets its origin from the lack of confidence over oursleves. If we believe ourselves then we will do believe our creations too. Believe and respect creations. Make it live in this world. All of our creations are ours and it came from us. Denying your creation is similar do that of denying yourselves. 

~ thank you. 


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