Human feelings past

Understand ~ fit in your situations

An individual with an individual description is influenced by other cluster of individuals. And this is the one line definition of a human life on earth. We humans are gifted with individual traits, characters, attributes and also a mixture of situations and surroundings. The surrounding is the people around us and situation is the reflection or causes or effects of the actions and duties of our surroundings. And thus manifestly, our situation is not determined by us but by the cluster of other individuals

If you feel like you are dumped in your current situation and blaming people for that then I can say for sure, certainly you are understanding things wrongly. We all are running towards something ever and ever and it’s like we get tired or disappointed when we were stopped by something. Things would happen unexpectedly in a way which we didn’t even think even for a nanosecond before. But it is acceptable. We are not the only one here and we are not the only person to do activities. There are more than billions of minds which is thinking about themselves and dealing their situation and each of their dealing may create a wave of reactions which in turn may also affect you at some point. 

It is simple as of a chain reaction. Let’s consider this example. A milk shop owner’s duty is to sell all his stock. He does that perfectly and only one is left. My duty now is to fulfil my mom’s order to buy milk and I buy milk from that milk shop which is the only milk shop there. A person is in  a situation to feed his baby. He rushes to the store but there is none. Thus due to the action of the milk shop owner and myself that man couldn’t accomplish his duty. This is called as situation and this is how the surroundings influences us.

We are meant to live in earth and thus we are supposed to tackle the situations which stops us. Sometimes we may be not in the right place where we should be meant to be, we may be in inappropriate places and surroundings. But there is nothing to yell like,” I hate my life and misfortunes are happening to me”. Most of us do these things and even I did so. I know and I can feel that I won’t be a software techie and I am passionate to be a writer but my surrounding is my B.Tech Information Technology class room and my situation is to not write articles but to concentrate in college studies.

It is inappropriate for me now, but this my situation. My duty is to fit in every situations and surroundings provided to me. My duty is to fulfil my duties of my current situation. While playing a video game you are so much interested to reach the last level. But you don’t like level 43, as it is in the way which you don’t like. Quitting the game because of level 43 is equivalent to quitting your desire. But understanding your situation and by trying to fit in it, you play level 43 and now you reach level 44. Literally you reach level 44 but really here you did more than that. You did your duty under your situation.

It may not be appropriate for you all the time and also not inappropriate for you all the time. In this world full of cluster of individual traits, try to tackle and handle situation. Whether you like it or not doesn’t matter. But sometimes it is usual that you have to climb that terrible tree to eat your favorite fruit. Think about it. 

~ thank you. 

Human feelings past

We don’t respect our creations

Most of the times we are doing things which shows that we are immature. A writer, an artist, a singer, an actor and even all human beings are creators here. We daily create things and we throw off most of our creations. If my article doesn’t satisfy myself then I won’t post it. We all do these type of things. If our creation is not satisfacting us then we are afraid of presenting that. Is it right? 

Okay. Let make it simple. An example will make us understand easier. I marry a girl and simultaneously my friend marries a girl. The two wives gave birth to our children simultaneously . It is acceptable that those are our creations. We gave birth and made those babies come earth. It’s our creation. Creation due to our act. 

 Within a few months I noticed that my kid, it is handicapped. But my friend’s kid is a super normal one. Practically and honestly speaking I won’t be satisfied of my kid. But that is not wrong. I am a human being and when my expectations fails I will do get down. So there is no wrong in the act of being disappointed and dissatisfaction. 

Then our kids grow up. Time to provide school studies for them. My friend sent his super normal kid to school. But I didn’t. I am not strong enough to send my handicap child to the outer world. Im not strong enough to display my creation which I consider as a failure to this world. And you all know this act is purely a wrong one. 

If you agree with this and we should also agree that we are doing those mistakes daily. The thing is we should respect and give recognition to the creations that we did. The most of the time we fail here. I brought this article to this world, she brought this song to this world, he brought this dish to this world. Bringing or giving a structure to our thoughts and creativity to this materialistic world is not a simple or an easy thing. 

But the sad thing is we oursleves are not believing in our creations. When we are not satisfied of it, then we are ready to threw it off or hiding it. Will we threw our own kid. It is a similar one. All of our doings are our creations. My friend said, ” I wrote exam very badly. Hardly I wrote irrelavant stories there”. And when our teacher distributed the paper he didn’t even had a look at it. He didnt respect his own creation. 

The bad concept we have in our mind is we create things and display those only when we believe that it would satisfy our audience. If we didnt respect our creations then how bad it is to expect others to do so? 

This type of act gets its origin from the lack of confidence over oursleves. If we believe ourselves then we will do believe our creations too. Believe and respect creations. Make it live in this world. All of our creations are ours and it came from us. Denying your creation is similar do that of denying yourselves. 

~ thank you. 

Human feelings past

You are selfish 

It would feel hard when getting scolded by the word selfish. We can’t accept that thing because our society portrayed that term as a sign of evil. Yes. We were made to believe that being selfish is a very bad character. 

Okay. Let’s go deeper about the word selfish. Thinking about themselves and doing things for their favor and not worrying about others is called as selfish. I think this would be the definition for the term selfish. If this is the definition and for sure we are all purely called as selfishes. 

Yes. I can say some examples to prove this thing. If a man takes care of his family in a extreme way by keeping them very happy and living for them. Yes, he is a selfish. He do these things because HE likes them the most and HE love them the most. Because of the fact that he likes his family he is doing all these things. 

Take a social leader as example. He is helping poor people without knowing about them. He even doesn’t know their faces but he helps them. This is too a selfish act. Here, HE loves to work for people and HE loves his passion the most, HE loves seeing smiles in the faces of poor people. 

The point is we will struggle and disgusted to do things which we won’t like. But if one is doing things very happily even for the sake of others then he likes doing that and so he is doing that in his own interest. 

Being selfish is not a negative thing. Humans all are made as selfish and these are one of our traits. But it gets wrong when your selfishness hits someone’s situation. Not worrying about others is not a bad thing to hear because it is our originality. But when this act affects our surroundings and others then it would be not a practicable act. Leting harm for others is different from not minding or caring others. 

If people find the difference between these things and when people find the word selfish is not a bad thing then it will happen. Yes, you are a selfish