my first ~ impression 

i have a very small circle of people around me as im addicted being home sick and doing things which keeps me in a neutral state and makes me think how i would do so. i said my circle that im about to start a blog to share things which i get in mind. they then insisted me:” give the best of you”, “first impression will make them decide about you and your writing, so give the best you have”.

i started wondering about their words. though i heard these sentences many times since my kinder garden days, now it makes some sense and it triggered something in my mind. impression. what does it really mean? when and how a human would get impressed? 

let consider that am talking to a stranger. he would be impressed when my conversation is in the manner which he had never heard before. we humans are always attracted by new discoveries which we ever didn’t came across and it would trigger our curiosity.

 the other possibility to impress is by making conversation in the way he likes. every human have his own traits and it is not common. some may like funny speech and some may like a serious talk, its all about their characters and past memories. if they lived in a society where girls talking loudly in public is a sin then they wont spare their vote for a female speaker. here they had a past which strongly influences their mind that female shouldn’t talk loudly. everytime our mind compares our current happenings with our past. it cross checks every and every time. so past matters a lot. 

if my listener had a past memory of laughing hardly by hearing the speech of a speaker in tv, then his brain noted down a fact that “you like funny speech, and you are entertained “. and so when i speak funny then his brain would cross check his past and it would remind that you like funny talks and automatically the listener would like my speech and he is impressed now. what happens when i gave him a serious talk with a poker face. then im a bad speaker for him. our surroundings and our situations makes our past and our past makes our today’s. while considering a mass number of audience, i cant make everyone impressed as everybody have their own different and unique traits and character. 

for overcoming this thing our ancestors framed some patterns which is common and beyond theses individual traits. in our day to day life we are doing things apart from our traits because of the pattern made by our surroundings and situation. you may like to break silence by shouting loudly in a silent place, but you cant do this in a library as you are insisted to follow and to believe the patterns that they made. they maded your past memories by insisting your brain to follow and believe those patterns. its the same in the case of impressing a mass number of audience. they made a set of patterns that this is the format for a stage speech or an article writing. whether you like that or not but you are made to believe that this is the way to do these things. and we are doing so. 

i am not interested in following those patterns and i don’t believe them. i didnt blame those things but i want to show my own traits, character and attributes to yourselves and so you can see the real me and its good to see a true face without any makeup and other stuffs. its also tough for me to satisfy you all but i can satisfy myself for my works. i can give you things which i feel best and which hits my creativity. i can give you things differently which you had never came across. making different views and different angles would result in some new way and i may show you that new one. and hereby i did my first ~ impression.